Wolfe Metal Art - Taking Metal to the Next Level
Rustic Art
In the Clouds
Crooked Luck
Beautiful dark natural bark serves as the base for
a magnifying concave glass framed by a horseshoe.  A mirror in the back intensifies the reflection when the candle is burning amongst the red glass bead gems.
Three Crosses
Star Wine Rack

Native American



Cactus Rock


 Guns Up!

Sunset Cowboy
Cut from 16 gauge metal and framed with aged cedar. 

Morning Sun
with stand
Beautiful hand painted piece made from three tractor discs giving it a three dimensional effect. Heavy piece comes with a black custom made stand.
22" diameter.
By a Nose
Cowboy on Horseback
The Herd
Alaskan Claw
Bear claw cut by hand from a
recycled tractor
disc and finished in
muted colors.
22" diameter.
Indian Silhouette 
on Tree Bark with Candle
 Metal Christmas Tree
Texas Star Clock
Hammered Copper Wall
Clock with silver metal
background a black star accent.

Hangin' Shoes
$95 Available
Unique Metal Coat/Hat Rack made with Recycled Horseshoes
Texas Heat
Sun cut from tractor
disc and framed by a
metal ring with Texas in the center.

Sun Disc with Stand
Cut by hand from
a recycled tractor
disc.  Comes with a
matching stand.  The
center hole can be
used to frame a small
picture or left empty.
13" diameter.
Hammered copper finish on bronc rider cut from 16 gauge metal. 
18.5" x 18.5".
Starlight Candle Holder

Curved metal with a tray
in the back that will hold votive candle in
 a glass candle holder surrounded by blue glass bead gems.  Heat treated
for blue color effect.

Boot Scootin'
     Metal Boot Scraper with your brand, initials, or design on the side.